Shinsegae Group cooperates to set up the first toy library in Ho Chi Minh city


(Emart Vietnam) On July 02nd 2015, Shinsegae Group (the Umbrella of Emart hypermarket) has cooperated with the National Fund for Vietnamese Children (NFVC) which belongs to Ministry of Labors, Invalids and Social Affairs to sign an MoU on setting up the Hope toy library in Ho Chi Minh city.


An imitating corner of the Hope toy library at the ceremony.


Mr. Park Noh Wan – Korean Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City and Mr. Bui Sy Loi – Vice Chairperson of the Committee for Social Affairs, intimately talked before the ceremony.


The Hope toy library project of Shinsegae Group attracts relevant agencies’ interests, as well as the national and international press.


Mr. Kim Kun Sun, Vice President of Shinsegae Group, told: “Wanting to contribute our effort on building a good environment where there is equality for all citizens, especially for underprivileged children, we are honored to cooperate with NFVC to bring children the Hope toy library in HCM city. Although this library model is not brand new, it is still necessary to prepare for children skills and basic knowledge for life. Above all, we hope to bring a playful and interesting childhood to children.”


Mr. Lee Hyeong Jin – Director of Korean Child Fund – presented at the MoU signing ceremony of the Hope toy library in HCM city. The project with the total expense of construction, management and maintenance of about VND 3 billion will be a free entertainment place for less privileged children and underprivileged families.


Mr. Bui Sy Loi – Vice Chairperson of the Committee for Social Affairs – also said that this project is a newly remarkable step of its effort to call society to share the mission of protecting, caring and educating children in Vietnam.


This is one of the social activities that Shinsegae Group cooperates with the Korean Child Fund together with voluntary contribution of more than 32,000 staff of Shinsegae Group.


Mr. Kim Kun Sun – Vice President of Shinsegae Group (on the right) – and Mr. Choi Kwang Ho – CEO of Emart Vietnam – gave presents to children. Mr. Kim Kun Sun also told: “Through the socially diversified activities carried out in the time coming, Shinsegae Group will make great effort to be a company which is supported and cared because of our activities inside and out of Korean.”


Presents and toys are carefully chosen in order to help children increase their creativity, social interaction and mental stabilization, which helps to create positive impacts on children’s complete development.

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